I often find myself getting involved into project, hobbies, jobs, relationships, adventures. Challenges of all types, from financial to finding time to meet with quality people. I love it and it gives me a sense of living a full life.

We gather stuff from all around, value and treasure it, buy it, receive it, gift it or sell it. It’s all a circle of matter, a flow of objects.

I keep finding myself coming back to… what do we really own? What is our treasure? And that seems to continuously be… us.

Me. You.

I am my greatest treasure.

You are your greatest treasure.

I’m excited about reading books. I’ve read about 7 or 8 books this year. And from those, 3 of them I finished in the last 2 weeks. Just because I made it a priority. I found the joy of reading, even if it’s fiction or personal growth.

And everything I read and learn is my treasure, because it’s mine and me and no-one can take it away from me.

I am writing here, because this blog is mine and no-one can take that away from me. Yes, the blog can be taken down, but nobody can take my writing away from me. It’s done. It’s out there. Someone has seen it.

Therefore, everything I write is mine. It’s still my treasure.