It’s a sunny day, last day of April. I’m in a transfer van from Recreation, on my way to Budapest airport to get a plane to Lisbon. I’m looking forward to an even warmer Spring in Portugal.

In the past two weeks, I scratched my itch.

Let me rewind a bit…

Last year, I migrated my blog to Ghost, a magnificent publishing platform.

Ghost is absolutely beautiful. From the simplicity of the interface, to the speed of serving a website to its readers. However, it has one major downside - it requires a server, or a paid subscription on their servers. Also, it has software updates, that constantly change something in the way publishing works. Which means a lot of maintenance. Keeping up with the security updates, upgrading the core software, upgrading the theme, plus a monthly cost.

And this doesn’t fit in with my “page designed to last” concept, meaning having a website that will be around in 10 or even 20 years from now.

So I’ve been having this itch ever since I migrated. I keep telling myself that it’s so nice to write in Ghost that it makes up for all the extra costs (in time and money) that it brings.

Until two weeks ago when I decided to scratched my itch.

So I went with the most simple and popular platform to publish static content, Jekyll. It’s so basic and simple, and so largely used even by big companies (like GitHub), that it made sense to build on it.

That brings us back to the current day.

The new website is ready to go live. I’m sure there are plenty of things to sort out, some quirks and bugs here and there, but I decided that the big launch will be May 1st, 2022.

I won’t go into all the technicalities now, but I can say that I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Even though I completely suck at (web)design, I went ahead and crafted it after my own aesthetic desires and vision. I also did some research online to get inspired but I can’t say I found something that I like more than what you’re seeing now.

Welcome to my online home

You’ll find me here whenever you’re wondering what I’m up to. I’m still a bit torn between sharing my personal life and keeping it very private, but we’ll see how this goes.

This is a static website, so there are no server error pages, no passwords, or complicated systems behind it.

Just plain, old, HTML, CSS and some JavaScript.

Since I am passionate about photography, this is also the home of my photographic adventures, and I am excited to post new content on a constant basis.

So, have a nice day and remember to smile just a little bit more! 😊