The AI beat me at copywriting

The AI beat me at copywriting
Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash

You might have heard about the new GPT-3 language model that enabled a whole new world of AI-generated content, much closer to human quality than any previous attempt. We’ll among a lot of other AI-powered tool out there, I discovered Copy.AI, a tool that helps craft copy of all types, from sales page to social media posts.

And I was surprised to get some pretty decent results. I asked it to generate Pain-Agitate-Solution type of sales copy, and this is what I got:

Pain: Uptime is critical to your online business. It’s your store front, it’s your signpost, it’s you.
Agitate: You can lose time, money and customers if your site goes down.
Solution: Our Web and SMS monitoring service ensures that your site is up and running 24/7/365 all year round. We watch the site non-stop from all around the world and instantly notifies you if anything goes wrong. We also give you complete control over our monitoring service via our powerful control panel – so you can change your settings at any time.
Pain: Online stores with e-commerce websites running on poorly configured servers can expect a lot of technical difficulties.
Agitate: High-end online stores are crucial for any brand, therefore downtime can prove devastating to almost any business.
Solution: Learn how Monitive – an uptime monitoring service – can help you keep your business up and running around the clock.
Pain: Dealing with customers complaints about websites going down, and losing potential customers during those times.
Agitate: The thing is that not every Internet Service Provider is equipped to monitor website uptime levels for you.
Solution: That’s where Monitive comes in. There are no more excuses and no more downtime! Learn more about our services and how it works.
Pain: Visiting a website but getting an error message? Waiting 24 hours for the customer service to call you back?
Agitate: People working on the Internet should know that it is a very sensitive ecosystem. With over two billion websites online and a thousand more launched every day, every second millions of people experience failures that make their websites unavailable.
Solution: Try Monitive. We automatically monitor your website, and we immediately alert you if something happens. You can count on us to check your websites instantly from all around the world, continuously, 24/7/365. And we never sleep!

All this by feeding it the brand name (Monitive) and the following description:

An uptime monitoring service which checks the customer’s websites non-stop from all around the world and instantly notifies the customer whenever their website goes down. For online business owners.

That’s it. Click “Create”. Boom! Instant copy.

I feel like the copywriter job, and many others, will cease to exist in the not-so-far future. Including software developers. I mean, it makes sense that no human can build computer software better than an AI that has all the manuals, open source code and the complete knowledge available on the Internet.

Until then, let’s enjoy the ride and sunny days.