It’s Saturday morning. I hear the raindrops falling on the window sill, while I take a sip of coffee. Another rainy day of Frebruary in Lisbon. It’s been almost two weeks since I stepped outside. Somehow, as careful and responsible I’ve been with hygiene, I managed to get the shiny new Corona plague that’s been going around. Around the planet I mean.

That’s fine. Luckly I didn’t have severe symptoms, besides fever, tiredness, head aches, diziness, loss of smell and taste, and - as a bonus - a pink eye. And even more luckly, I have new antibodies to enjoy life even more for the rest of the year.

I’ve started diving deep into marketing lately, as I had an epiphany one day. In the 20 years of software and web development, I got really good a building things. Which is what I’m passionate about. However, I suck at marketing the things I build. My main professional goal of 2021 is to generate business for the uptime monitoring service that I founded almost 11 years ago.

I know this will be a long journey, but I’m confident that seeing actual people using the tools that I have built, to make their lives or businesses better is a huge motivator that will ensure I’m waking up smiling and eager to do more magic. Bring in more users. Grow the very machine that I envision will bring me fulfillment.

I have never published my long term vision for Monitive (or any other revenue generating business) and I believe it’s time I make the /about page on the Monitive website truly sketch my True North, my Why and reason to power through each day.

As for this blog, I’ll use it to keep track of my adventures and my groth, business or otherwise, and to practice my writing and storytelling. Because I believe storytelling is a big compass of our lives, especially when it comes to the stories that we tell ourselves.

Nevertheless, I hope the content on my blog is a useful beacon for my readers, as I didn’t keep a blog for nearly 20 years. Didn’t feel I have something important to say. Now, after 37 years of life, I think I have some stories and knowledge to share. And that I never stop sharing.