Just came back from the second consecutive New Year’s trip to Algarve, Portugal. Last year we went to Lagos, so this time we went for a house in Vale da Telha, Aljezur. Which is basically still Algarve, south Portugal.

I find it delightful to be able to have beach fun around New Year’s, mainly because I could never have that for most of my live in Romania, where temperatures in December and January are usually around zero Celsius.

With a total of 9 friends, some came later, some left earlier, our days were usually waking up, getting coffee, a good stretch, then everyone pitching in on getting the breakfast ready. Having so many people preparing breakfast made it a highly diverse and consistent breakfast, which was great for the day ahead.

Some days we went hiking towards the breathtaking views of the ocean cliffs. We used Gaia GPS to find secret trails towards the ocean front.

Other days we left a bit later and made it a beach day. The water was cold, about 17 degrees Celsius, but I was proud to go on an adventure into the foamy waves for a proper swim.

Got to play Spikeball which is highly active and fun to play.

As for the rainy Tuesday we had, good thing I brought board-games and my PlayStation 4, we did a solid game day by the fireplace.

Looking forward to 2022!