Alright, I failed to publish every friday because I completely forgot :)

A lot has happened since last Friday, including beach time, various parties and meeting with local people or digital nomads who are in Rio during this time.

And brazilians know how to party…

There are so many parties happening all the time that it’s hard even to choose. But the biggest street party was in Lapa, where there are so many bars, clubs and people, that people get to dance on the streets. Litterally.

I’m putting together a note for places to go and things to do in Brazil. Which takes me to my second highlight of this week, my public notes place.

I always wanted to find a balance between the blog and my notes, so now I think I have it.

But I’m not yet done until one year has passed and I’m still using the new system.

More about that later on.

The last highlight of the week was a hike to Vista Chinesa, a magnificent belvedere point north-west of Rio, from where you can see pretty much all of Rio and its surroundings.

Until next Friday…