I’ve been passionate about photography for a long time now. That’s why I kept upgrading my gear every now and then, getting more and more heavy machinery for my photography adventures.

This made it harder and harder to carry the photo equipment all around. I got to a point where I’d shoot photos with my Nikon D4s at most once a month, if not even less.

Until I decided that it doesn’t float my boat. At least not anymore.

This frustration peaked while I was in Brazil, where I just didn’t bring any of my photographic equipment, and couldn’t even use my iPhone to take photos.

In Brazil!

Tropical wonders all around and I took… photographic… memories. “That’s it, I have to change this”, I thought to myself.

So, after more than one month of reading and watching photo-camera reviews, I decided to buy a Fujifilm compact camera.

Yes, the new iPhone camera does wonders, and it’s easy to carry around, but it’s not anywhere near an actual camera built by an actual photography-making camera dating way back to 1934. It just costs as much.

Last month on the 9th, I bought a brand new Fujifilm X100V Silver camera, with 23mm fixed lens. A beauty! And a beast!

Some quick highlights of this camera:

  • It’s a compact camera, can’t change lenses. No need to buy lenses or wonder which lens is the best for whatever situation.
  • Has a 23mm fixed lens, which is equivalent to a full-frame 35mm.
  • 2.0 aperture, which is amazing for a compact camera.
  • Leaf shutter, ideal for flash sync speed.
  • Built-in ND filter, ideal for high-aperture shots in direct sunlight.
  • 26 Megapixel sensor, much more than you need to show on a display, and plenty if you want to print.
  • Film simulation modes which are… Amazing! Especially for a photography lover.
  • Very portable size, fits even in a jacket pocket.
  • Did I mention it looks beautiful?

So I did it!

I started shooting.

Almost every day.

I pulled out 35 photos from the past month to show what I mean.

These six photos are from the first batch of photos, before I knew very much about proper settings…

Then, I discovered film simulations, which are amazing ways to simulate what actual film photography looks like.

I started playing with the simulations, of course…

And finally, these next photos were shot last weekend, while I was visiting several amazing places in Portugal: Obidos, Nazaré, Fatima, Batalha, and Peniche. It was quite a tour, I’m excited to tell you all about that some other time.

All these are straight out of the camera, no editing, not even adjusted light or colors. Pretty amazing because it minimizes editing time and also it’s a challenge to properly set the shot right from the first time.

This is more close to original film photography, where there’s no raw post-processing, you have to make sure you light your scene right in the first place.

I find it very pleasing that I’m able to carry this camera pretty much everywhere, and whenever I see something that might make a good picture, I can just… pull the camera out and take the shot. I even bought a Samsonite Openroad 2.0 fanny bag for it so it’s even easier to have it with me. As some old friends used to say a few years back, the camera became the extension of my hand.

All this opened up an appetite for photography that I seem to have lost along the years.

It feels like I’m falling in love with photography all over again.

And to celebrate the fact that I can now shoot photos every day, I started a 30-day photo challenge for the month of May, which is going great so far.

Check it out and wish my luck! 📸