Here’s one use case for AI (as in ChatGPT): summarizing meetings. There are a lot of meetings happening via Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

And some people might not be able to attend, others are not paying attention, and others just forget what was discussed.

Recording meetings have two problems: (1) privacy and (2) nobody ever goes over the recording unless absolutely necessary.

Transcripts to the rescue!

Getting a transcript from a meeting has some pretty cool advantages:

  1. They’re small (text) so can easily be scanned, sent, stored or archived.
  2. Are searchable, you can look for any keywords without watching a recording.

But it opens the door to the next step…

Summarizing it with AI 🤖

In meetings people usually talk… well… more rather than less. At least some people.

And it’s probably for the better. There are a lot of problems in organizations from things that were left unsaid.

A transcript can have a lot of pages, especially for a longer meeting.

But a text-transformer AI can summarize it and get the very essence of what was discussed in just a few bullets.

And while the idea of getting transcripts was mine, the summarizing-via-AI idea wasn’t.

But it’s genius!

You can have the gist of any meeting with little or no effort. The only requirement is that the video call application supports transcripts.