As I mentioned before, I’m not keen of producing a ton of content on social networks, or any closed 3rd party platform, as that involves granting a license to your content, contributing only to their success and expansion. However, social media still is an important source of exposure, where your content easily reaches your friend and followers. So I went back and forth for a while as to where should I publish content that I’m creating, being nature or travel photos, or my portrait photography adventures that I’m so passionate about.

The secondary aspect that troubled me for quite a while is how do I keep my Instagram account clean and tidy. If I post a mix of everything I do or like, it will become a salad of everything. And I’m not the “salad of everything” kind of person.

Of course all the main content goes on my website, so then what do I do with social media? I tried creating a secondary Instagram account, just for the portrait photography, but then found it’s hard to increase the follower base and it felt like I’m wasting precious time for nothing. Then I started publishing portrait photos together with nature & travel photos. Then I concluded that it might be sub-optimal to mix these two, as followers interested in nature photography might not be interested to see gorgeous women & man. And the other way around.

So I (re)started using a different secondary account called Chuckleberry Sin, because I liked the ring to it. So I’ve posted and posted and posted. And finally, after over a month of constant publishing on a daily basis, I got… 3-6 new followers. Bummer!

In the end (meaning up to today), I decided to publish them on my own Instagram account, alternating a nature & travel photo with a portrait one. And I intend to do this for the next 6 months. Then I’ll draw conclusions.

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