The blog

2024 Sans-serif design

May 23, 2024—
Felt like my website got stale again, so it was time to bring it a 2024 design, again inspired from, which does a fantastic job at presenting one self in a simple and clear manner.

Nutrition and Exercise Interventions to Improve Body Composition

Jan 19, 2024—
Just discovered this Meta-Analysis paper about Nutrition and Exercise Interventions to Improve Body Composition for Persons with Overweight or Obesity Near Retirement Age. I’m nowhere near retirement age, but my logic is that if the results of the study are valid for people aged 55-70, then it’s described effects have to be much more accelerated for younger people.

Executing a bash command in the container with the full environment

May 24, 2023—
Whenever automating something while working with Docker containers, you might want to execute some script inside one of your containers.

The Personal Vault Project

Apr 15, 2023—
I have a long term itch that I kept wanting to scratch. Now it’s finally worth it.

Perkeep, IPFS, and other storage options

Mar 16, 2023—
There are so many storage options out there that it’s very easy not only to store your files, but also to loose track of them.

Summarizing meetings with AI

Feb 19, 2023
Here’s one use case for AI (as in ChatGPT): summarizing meetings.

Netlify CMS Installation for Jekyll

Feb 17, 2023—
Jekyll is a great piece of software, it enables users to generate static website from simple Markdown files like this one. The only downside?

How I oversimplified my blog

Feb 15, 2023—
After adding all the features and “everything but the kitchen sink” in my website, I simplified it so much that it doesn’t even need a navigation menu.

The fear of being rejected and other demons

May 11, 2022—
As I already mentioned, I love portrait photography. That means photographing people.

Why are one-time-passwords so long?

May 11, 2022—
I do understand the need for OTPs (One Time Password). It’s a very easy way to confirm the identity of a user using a different medium. And the key here is the word confirm, because it’s not an actual password, just a simple way to confirm an existing authentication.

Back to the static blog

Apr 30, 2022—
It’s a sunny day, last day of April. I’m in a transfer van from Recreation, on my way to Budapest airport to get a plane to Lisbon. I’m looking forward to an even warmer Spring in Portugal.

My personal timeline

Mar 28, 2022—
For a long time I felt like I’m trapped in a loop. I avoid publishing updates on social media (Facebook and Instagram) because I don’t want to grow their content.

Bye bye 2021

Dec 30, 2021—
There’s one more sunset of 2021, and I’m aiming at getting some mind space for a retrospective of the year that passed.

A bit about me

Dec 7, 2021—
So I finally made some updates on my site to make it more appealing (for me, at least). Two main things are worth mentioning.

The social media publishing conundrum

Oct 28, 2021
As I mentioned before, I’m not keen of producing a ton of content on social networks, or any closed 3rd party platform, as that involves granting a license to your content, contributing only to their success and expansion.

You are your greatest treasure

Sep 10, 2021—
I often find myself getting involved into project, hobbies, jobs, relationships, adventures. Challenges of all types, from financial to finding time to meet with quality people. I love it and it gives me a sense of living a full life.

Getting into the artistic mood

Jul 10, 2021—
I realized I now have over 8 thousands professional photos that I took over the last 6 years, of which I’ve published less than 200.

The hook, the story and the offer

Feb 9, 2021
Started my day at 7am, to get on top of things and prepare a few Google Ads copy variation for my Ads meeting coming up soon. I see a lot has changed since I last ran my Google AdWords campaigns, now we have three headlines and two long descriptions. Moving up, I see!

Powering ON the marketing engine

Feb 8, 2021
Monday morning. It’s a quarter after 8. Dew drops give me the impression that it’s raining, but the sky is almost clear so I’m looking forward to a beautiful and sunny day in Lisbon.

Corona and storytelling

Feb 6, 2021—
It’s Saturday morning. I hear the raindrops falling on the window sill, while I take a sip of coffee. Another rainy day of Frebruary in Lisbon. It’s been almost two weeks since I stepped outside. Somehow, as careful and responsible I’ve been with hygiene, I managed to get the shiny new Corona plague that’s been going around. Around the planet I mean.

New year, new organizing tools

Jan 15, 2021—
It’s a new year, so a good opportunity to try out new organizing tools and techniques to improve time management and, of course, my peace of mind.

First post

Dec 27, 2020—
It is a chilly evening in late December. I’m sipping Rooibos tea from a metal cup, typing on my 2014 MacBook, on a round wooden table.