There’s one more sunset of 2021, and I’m aiming at getting some mind space for a retrospective of the year that passed. Despite the plague, which is still rolling around, it’s been a good and full year.

I’ve been blessed with a lifestyle that I could only dream of, enjoying sunny and warm days, amazing views, delicious food and doing plenty of what makes me happy.

Plenty of activities, trips, new friends and new experiences. I can only hope that 2022 brings more of each.

I understand that everything changes, and things left by themselves tend to go from bad to worse, but what I intend on keeping is my positive attitude towards life, my laughs and smiles, and keeping up the good work.

As I rarely have vacations, this week feels a bit weird. There’s nothing that I have to do. Of course there’s plenty that I can do, but nothing urgent, nothing important. I guess it’s a good time for some downtime and reflection.

And Netflix. The Witcher and Outlander.

And PlayStation. For the last few years I played one single-player game per year. Head to tails, in a few weeks.