We live in times with a multitude of information influx from various sources, many experiences and knowledge, which often fades off as we’re only using and sharing the knowledge of our immediate interest.

My “why” for this website: I want to have a single place of notes, thoughts, ideas and conclusions that I came across during my time and that — I can only hope — might be useful for others and for my future self.

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Apr 30, 2022—
It’s a sunny day, last day of April. I’m in a transfer van from Recreation, on my way to Budapest airport to get a plane to Lisbon. I’m looking forward to an even warmer Spring in Portugal.

My personal timeline

Mar 28, 2022—
My personal timeline
For a long time I felt like I’m trapped in a loop. I avoid publishing updates on social media (Facebook and Instagram) because I don’t want to grow their content.

A bit about me

Dec 7, 2021—
So I finally made some updates on my site to make it more appealing (for me, at least). Two main things are worth mentioning.

First post

Dec 27, 2020—
First post
It is a chilly evening in late December. I’m sipping Rooibos tea from a metal cup, typing on my my 2014 MacBook, on a round wooden table. Being a bit cold in the house, I turned on the AC to help out the two electric heaters. I don’t yet know how the electricity bill will look like, but it doesn’t seem to bother me that much. Not yet, anyway.