After adding all the features and “everything but the kitchen sink” in my website, I simplified it so much that it doesn’t even need a navigation menu. There’s nothing to navigate.

And I love it.

The homepage now lists all the posts, and clicking on any will take you to the post. That’s pretty much it. Other secondary pages such as the about page are a link away from the homepage as well.

So then, why keep a navigation menu?

Simplicity is one of my values, and this update is right up my alley. I’m so thrilled about it, that I decide to write a blog post.

Other updates include:

  • no post images in the listing;
  • no floating helpers about navigating the website;
  • no more big sets of pictures and slow deploy times;
  • more spacing in the header and the footer.

All this makes deployment of this (still static) website to be done in just a few seconds.

Full disclosure: I’m secretly trying to beat my average of 4.3 posts per year. I’d love to have is somewhere around 50 posts a year.